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Project: Split Countries into new file

The project brief was to create a macro on a button that would follow this process: Open dialog box so user can choose file to work with Identify which column is headed ‘Country’ Take each ‘Country’ by its value (UK, ES, USA etc) in the column and split them into their own file saved in […]

Fill multiple rows with printing costs

Zest Print Prices Sub Button1_Click() ‘Get lastrow of the Template form With Worksheets(“Template”) lastrow = .Cells(.Rows.Count, “A”).End(xlUp).Row End With With Worksheets(“££ Print Prices 2016”) lastrowPP = .Cells(.Rows.Count, “A”).End(xlUp).Row End With ‘Now we know the last row, go down each row and get the Item code, Print Method and max colours For r = 2 To […]

Big Brand Clothing Code

Logic will be to make them all disappear so create a Call All_Gone sub routine. Sub All_Gone Label46.visible = false Label57.visible = false Label59.visible = false Label56.visible = false Label74.visible = false Label51.visible = false Label60.visible = false Label53.visible = false Label57.visible = false Label75.visible = false Label49.visible = false Label50.visible = false Label55.visible = […]

Split list of names and add title

A recent project brief managed by datanology related to the agreed marketing data of a companies client list. In order to create a more formal yet personal approach, the list of 30,000 names needed to have the title (Mr / Ms) prefixed and to assist in the recording of the emails sent out, the first […]

Akira repairs

On the exported spreadsheets, the formula needs to be reinstated, and the rest copied and pasted as values. VAT is still feeding through even though No is chosen Creating commission invoice, putting date as 2818 – column G Agreement dropdown back to ‘Lease’ Introducer and Supplier systems – Stop clearing the form when it adds […]

Send entire row to text file on condition of cell value being Y

This code was used on a project recently to allow data from a worksheet to be output to a csv file with the name Output_ and todays date without the ‘\’s. The code is a good example of taking the data if the value in column AS is ‘Y’ or ‘y’. It also adds the […]

Export all worksheets to individual PDFs

In a recent project undertaken by Datanology, a workbook had become large enough to be cumbersome in opening, saving, closing and general navigation. Over 1,500 worksheets of generated invoices were stored in the workbook and this was growing at a rate of around 10 per day. A solution was required to deal with this growth […]

Assign matching codes to same items in a list

Quite a straightforward requirement, but none-the-less if your dataset is quite large, repetitive pasting of values into multiple cells in a column can become monotonous, very labour intensive, and the more you have the more prone to errors and inaccuracies or missing data. In the example below we only use 44 rows of data, but […]

Import all worksheets from a chosen workbook

This code example will present you with a dialog box where you can choose which Excel (.xls or .xlsx) workbook you want to import into your current workbook. It is assuming that you are running this macro from a worksheet named ‘Sheet1’ or you at least have a worksheet named ‘Sheet1’ in the workbook. This […]

Town to County

As part of Datanology’s recent projects, our UK Postcode analysis can validate any given UK Postcode by it’s structure, split the UK Postcode into it’s first part – OUTER, and then using our comprehensive lookup databases can determine the town/city and then the County for each given postcode. This allows us to build a standardised […]

Postcode to Town and City

This database created by Datanology contains the reference data to lookup the town/city related to the OUTER Postcode in the UK. To use Excel to identify the OUTER Postcode from a full UK Postcode, see here, or if you need to validate the structure of a UK Postcode, we have created a UDF to Validate […]

Import csv file and export in batches of 1000

This recent project assigned to datanology’s VBA team required a regular import of a standard csv file that was created from a web extract which then needed to be split into separate csv files (with headers) with a maximum of 1,000 records or rows. There was also a requirement to alter the order of the […]

Datanology and Cheetham Hill Squash

Datanology are delighted to support CHCC Squash teams for the 2015/16 season – Good luck ! “Data can help us make smarter decisions but only if you can interpret it quickly, accurately and with confidence.” Datanology are experts in the field of Excel automation and data management. We have built projects for small, medium and […]

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