Our databases are built using Microsoft Excel so not only are they powerful, secure, easy to use and intuitive they are also licence free. There are no monthly payments and no subscriptions to worry about.

Because our databases are bespoke built according to your own business or personal needs, we couldn’t possibly describe everything that’s possible here but the creativity of our database designers means that your imagination and requirements can be brought to life quickly and effectively as well as at a low cost.

There are a number of high level facts that your database can contain, which you can see here, and our recent systems are described and demonstrated below in various guises.

  1. Thousands of fields or pieces of information are available to be stored in your database for instant recall.
  2. Dropdowns from lists you can add to or remove from at any time.
  3. Dependant Dropdowns where only specific values can be set to appear according to the result of a previous Dropdown.
  4. Yes/No, Up/Down etc checkboxes.
  5. Tickboxes where multiple answers can be quickly created.
  6. Free text fields allowing copious notes to be taken or just single words – It’s up to you.
  7. Images that are static such as your logo, or images of products that might change depending on a Dropdown.
  8. Search specific or multiple fields to recall records.
  9. Output reports of your choice.
  10. Powerful lookups can be built in to reduce data entry times such as Royal Mail address PAF validation, cost prices, preferred suppliers etc.

Customer address lookup systems are implemented in every applicable CRM database, with 100 free credits included that allow you to just enter the UK postcode, and the database will auto-populate the street name, town/city and county for you. Additional credits can be purchased in bulk units of 1000 at any time.

Contact us for further details or to discuss your CRM database, or have a look through our recent systems screenshots below for some inspiration and ideas of how you may want to design and have your own system. Some examples have YouTube videos of the systems in use so you can see the speed and general ease of use.

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