Data Entry (paper documents, digital sources and in the field)

Our bespoke process offers secure, accurate data entry through multiple data capture systems – offline, online & in the field (tablet data entry).

Data Entry (paper/digital)

we have a range of technologies and systems to capture your data as efficiently and effectively as possible. We will understand your specific requirements and make recommendations with regard to the best method of data capture and entry. We have a highly experienced in-house team of data capture personnel, using our bespoke data entry systems can capture data with the highest degree of speed and accuracy. Typically used to capture data from handwritten or inconsistent/unstructured forms, our data capture team can save your team time, money and improve your data quality.

In addition to our data entry team we can also capture your data electronically with OCR, IMR and OMR solutions, perfectly suited to capture data from consistent/structured, typed documents or documents set up specifically for OCR or OMR data capture. We will discuss your specific requirements with you and suggest the data capture method, or combination of data capture methods which will bring you the best results in the most cost and time efficient manner.

Data Entry (online)

Often used for surveys, questionnaires and to capture customer data we can design a branded online data capture solution with an audience relevant user friendly format and securely collect data in real time enabling us to provide you with immediate access to your data. In addition to collecting data we can cleanse the data to ensure that your dataset only contains valid responses to your data capture requirements.

Once collected and cleansed we will return the raw data to you in any format required, or if desired, we can pass the data to our in-house analytics team who will analyse the data and results to provide you with a presentable report containing valuable insights, statistics and charts.

Data Entry (tablet / in the field)

Our tablet data capture solutions enable you to capture data in real time, and without the need for paper forms. Whether it’s straight forward capture of customer contact details, or lengthy surveys and consultations our tablet data capture solutions can be programmed to ensure a user friendly experience, tailored to the specific audience and branded as required.

Our data capture solutions transfer data via a wifi connection, but will capture data offline until a wifi connection is made – meaning no interruptions in your data capture due to loss of wifi connection. From one-off experiential events to multi-country or multi-store PoS software and hardware installations, we will work with you to understand your specific requirements and devise an effective data capture solution.

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