A fully bespoke created Microsoft Excel based development, or a virtual Excel assistant to manage essential spreadsheet tasks could transform your business overnight and help to keep things running smoothly.

Excel Studio Works

In conjunction with Excel Studio Works, our developers are experts at any aspect of Excel including:

  • Database creation (fully bespoke to you)
  • Task Management system
  • Data Automation
  • Data dashboards for analysis
  • Data Entry tools
  • VBA / Macro design and implementation
  • Formula design and implementation
  • Error repair

How could it work for you ?

Our Excel business developers are proficient in any aspect of the data management you require and our systems are all fully tested and as they are created with Excel, there is no associated or ongoing licence costs that come with your project, and furthermore if you need it to be adapted as your business changes, you are free to do this as you please.

We have created multiple solutions for businesses, charities, sports clubs and individuals internationally. On the Recent Projects page, you can see a few of our developments or click here to visit our YouTube page to see some of them in action. Your Excel development is up to your imagination. We always recommend that you have a look at an aspect of your business and say to yourself ‘It would be good if Excel could……and make this easier and quicker for me’.

How do we do it ?

All we need from you is a brief description of what you want to achieve, and the version of Excel you use. Our developers have the experience to not only advise on the best solution for you at the start, but also to communicate throughout and carry out your instructions as you require them. We develop directly into the same Microsoft Excel version as you so there are no extra tools or add-ins that you will require and it will be 100% compatible. Because we have been able to provide so many solutions for small and medium businesses it’s likely we’ve seen the exact requirement you’re after and more importantly have already made it work!

Recent examples

Click the images to see the screenshot
Data Capture Messina2 DualFuel1

Jonny5-2 Cleansing databases Mapping Recipe1

Contact us for some advice and guidance on how your Excel development could be created and start helping your business straight away. Contact Us