Excel Column Letters to Numbers

When dealing with large databases and datasets in Excel, it is often handy to know the numbers that relate to the column letters. This is especially useful when you are using the .cells rather than .range in your VBA projects.

Columns in Excel are numbered in the same fashion as rows – starting at 1 until the end, but because they are letter based they are not so easy to remember especially the further along you go.

The image below has been created by datanology as a reference point for this very predicament. Whilst a developer is busy creating processes in Excel to speed up efficiency, its ironic that the very idea of process improvement is lost for the developer here. The image is simply a quick way for you to look up which number represents the column (up to the first 520).

Theres nothing more to it, just a reference point so feel free to copy, print and distribute and if you have any questions, contact us or leave a message at the bottom.

Excel Column Letter to Number

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