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Excel is not known for it’s security or protection, but it doesn’t profess to be so either. There are many built in features to provide basic security such as password protecting worksheets, individual cells and workbooks. Unfortunately any of these security features can easily be over-ridden by an intermediate Excel user.

VBA projects can also be password protected and these are quite effective when it comes to keeping unauthorised users out of the VBA code in a particular Excel project.

This is where anybody who wants to create a secure Excel environment should start. Functionality can be managed by VBA, passwords via userforms and hiding worksheets away can all add up to make the task of copying or unauthorised uses very difficult indeed. It will never be 100% secure though, but then we’re not sure we could name any system that is, and when we consider the risk/effort made vs reward for breaking open an Excel program, the risk/effort made would usually greatly outweigh the reward in the end.

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This blog deals with disabling the Right Click button on the mouse, which in turn can prevent a lot of functionality. If it’s locked away in a VBA module that is password protected it can be very effective. Don’t forget that you might need a way to enable the Right Click at any point, so a password panel might be useful there.

The first example will disable the Right CLick, the second example will enable it.

Private Sub Workbook_Activate()
Application.CommandBars("Ply").Enabled = False
End Sub

Private Sub Workbook_Deactivate()
Application.CommandBars("Ply").Enabled = True
End Sub

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