Our databases have been created using the most up to date information available from the Land Registry and is extracted from the house price sales data recorded since 1995 and from our own research. Whilst some streets may be not yet be updated to the database, this number is minimal and we endeavour to update any missing records as quickly as possible following information received. Outer postcodes, Town/City & County data is provided by lookups bespoke built into our systems from information available on wikipedia.


Free UK Address Reference database


A rich dataset of Domestic Postcodes, Street Names, Towns & Counties is available for free download in Excel format and allows you to import/paste large csv’s of UK postcodes and obtain an instant output of the street, place, town, county & postcode in an Excel worksheet. This is available for unlimited free use for the rest of the year, and contains over 1,000,000 domestic UK address records. Contact us for your free database by email(Free until 31/12/2015) or download it here from our DropBox link. Take a look at the 3 screenshots below and see how we can have you up and running, standardising your addresses within hours.


Download the database by clicking here


UK Postcode Bulk UK Postcode lookup Bulk UK Postcode search results


Official link to the Postcode data source for house prices


Postcode county lookup (source: wikipedia)


UK Postcode to County

This useful image includes all UK postcode areas by letter – ie AB is Aberdeenshire, WF is West Yorkshire etc. It contains 121 marked Counties by the postcode letter prefix, although there may be instances where a letter spans more than 1 County. These are minimal and this image should only be used as a guide. Our bespoke systems use the entire outer postcode (ie KT16) to validate the Town/City and County.


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