“Data can help us make smarter decisions but only if you can interpret it quickly, accurately and with confidence.”

Datanology are experts in the field of Excel automation and data management. We have built projects for small, medium and multi-national companies ranging from simple data manipulation – moving data around a spreadsheet or series of worksheets, to full bespoke automated systems to manage large amounts of data over and over. The main reason for creating an automated system in all or part of an Excel process is to save time and money as well as reduce errors and free up admin resources that can be better utilised by your business elsewhere.

All our VBA Solutions have a money-back guarantee that they will accomplish the task you require.

Applying a single, short VBA script to any of your current business processes could increase productivity by huge amounts, save hundreds of pounds and resource hours. With FREE initial advice and bespoke created VBA scripts an average of just £20, we can help transform your data and processes. Some of our recent projects are shown in examples below, but your imagination is usually the limit when it comes to creating a VBA Macro to manage your process.

Your data is your business intelligence and used to it’s full potential can help make informed decisions and drive efficiency. Data can be handled or managed in lots of different ways, dependent upon your desired outcome. Click on the description below for the examples and inspiration…

Split – Sorted – Moved – Grouped – Extracted – Identified – Enriched – Presented – Removed – Hidden

We currently have a 24hr turnaround in general, but if you need something urgently we’d be more than happy to discuss with you.

See our YouTube channel for solutions ‘Click here for video’ or browse our website for examples.

Contact us for some advice and guidance on how your VBA Macro solution could be created and start helping your business straight away. Contact Us

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